Gungaku (軍学) means military studies and involves the study of setting up a military system (Gunsei - 軍制), setting up large scale formations on the battlefield (Gunyō no Hō - 軍容之法), setting up battlearrays on the battlefield (Jinyō no Hō - 陣容之法), creating signals on the battlefield (Aizu no Hō - 合図之法), setting up an encampment (Gunei no Hō - 軍営之法), etc. Kukishin Ryū Gungaku (九鬼神流軍学) has in total 9 study areas and these are with some exceptions mainly theoretical studies.

[1] Tenmon 天門 [4] Senryaku 戦略 [7] Aizu no Hō 相図之法
[2] Chimon 地門 [5] Buryaku 武略 [8] Tonko 遁甲
[3] Gunryaku 軍略 [6] Gunei no Hō 軍営 [9] Heigu 兵具