The practice and study of Kukishinden Amatsu Heihō (九鬼神伝天津兵法) is accessible for everyone who is healthy in body and mind. Those who are interested are free to visit or to take part in some of our classes. This can be done in regular sports clothing. For those who want to continue to practice are asked to become a member of the Kukishinden Shōbukyoku (九鬼神伝尚武部局). As a member you have the freedom to choose the Bujutsu (武術) you like to practice. Traditionally it is however recommended to start with Kukishin Ryū Bōjutsu (九鬼神流棒術).

Annual membership is set to 220 €, this also includes your annual insurance. As a member we expect you to wear the proper uniform. Except for the wide belt (Kaku Obi - 角帯) of which you can choose the color, the uniform is for all students the same.

  • White headband (Hachimaki - 鉢巻)
  • Dark blue vest (Keikogi - 稽古着)
  • Wide belt (Kaku Obi - 角帯)
  • Dark blue traditional Japanese skirt-like trousers (Umanori Bakama - 馬乗袴)
  • Dark blue or black tradtional Japanese footwear (Tabi - 足袋)

Besides a uniform you will need some wooden practice weapons. Which one you exactly need depends of cours on the Bujutsu (武術) you want to practice but a wooden practice sword (Bokutō - 木刀) is most likely one of the first things you will need as almost every practice with a practice partner (Uchidachi - 打太刀), except when practicing Taijutsu (体術), requires a practice partner handling a wooden practice sword (Bokutō - 木刀). Everyone is free to acquire these materials at their own liking and if needed, we can also provide any advise. The needed materials can of course also be acquired at the Kukishinden Shōbukyoku (九鬼神伝尚武部局).